Derby is Tough

Which is why it has held my interest for longer than any other hobby or physical activity so far.

Everyone has obstacles.  I have several but I always remind myself that everyone has their own.  It’s not JUST hard for me.  This shit’s hard for everybody, just in their own way.

I got to review my assessment with Anya & Blondie on Saturday.  It was disappointing but realistic & fully appreciated.

Obviously, I’ve come a long way but I’m still very far from achieving Level 2 in the Minnow program.  There is a lot of work to do.  Sometimes just because I skate 3 days in row (or whatever) I think I’m doing amazing.  (Because, let’s face it – how many times before derby was I able to get to the gym that many times in a row?)  So, I’m doing good – for me.  But I still need to take the opportunity, every time I skate to focus a little more & be a little tougher on myself.

Side note: One big obstacle I have is that my shins have been KILLING me for the first hour or so of skating.  I’m experimenting with some fixes for this.  If my changes don’t help fairly quickly I will see a doctor to see if they can tell me anything.

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