Derby Awards Banquet 2011

The FMDG Award Masquerade Ball was held last night & it was so fun!  I love getting dressed up occasionally & I especially love it when my husband agrees to play designated driver so I can get tipsy!

It was amazing to come together & celebrate with these great people who have affected my life so positively this year.  It is amazing to see how teamwork comes together – whether it’s at practice, putting on a bout, actually playing the game or planning an event like the one last night. I can’t help but think about what all went into this event:  the girls pitched in to make the centerpieces, the food, the pimp chalices(!) & the music list among other things.  Anya Dixon (the bad-ass president) & Coach had a great photo montage made up for each of us of photos from the past year.  It’s really great – I need to find a frame to fit it so I can hang it.  Then next year’s will go in on top of it – kind of like what Mom did with your school photos.

It was major fun to see everyone else dressed up in their dresses & suits & masks.  It was a total success!  I can’t wait for the pictures to come out on Facebook but in the meantime here are a couple my husband & I took before we left for the event.



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