Week on Skates

A lot has happened lately & I am going to try to write daily from now on –  IF there is anything to talk about.

November 1st was the Assessment for anyone signing up for the team.  I was nervous even though I knew they had to let me in LOL.  After I signed all my forms & paid the dues I was official!

Last Saturday was the first Minnow class for the 11 new girls on the team.  It was really really hard & I’m still surprised that at no time did my legs simply give out.  But I loved it!  The Coach & teachers (derby girls Anya Dixon, Bellicose Blondie & Little Debbie Smackcakes & speed skater Brad Wallace) are amazing & so encouraging.  I look forward to the next one.

I finally came up with a new schedule for workouts.  I will be taking a couple workout classes during the week & I’ll be missing Sunday & Wednesday practices to accommodate that (for now). I know that with the classes & continuing to skate I can only improve!

Last night was the first team practice I attended as an official Minnow!  We did some stretching & then did 5 rounds of: 15 sit-ups/crunches, 10 pushups, 8 squats, 5 burpees for time.  I was last at 13:33.  Then we watched the scrimmage & tried to come up with questions about it.  A nice first night.

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