Last Week on Skates

Last week I skated on my road on Sun, Mon & Tues 1 mile each time.

Skated at the rink on Wed & stayed for practice.  I think we ran 2 laps to start with & then 25 sit-ups & 25 push-ups.  The goal was for everyone to finish in under 6 minutes.  I (as usual) was lagging behind but with the coach’s encouragement I made it in 5 min 55 seconds!  After that I seem to recall some punishing exercises – hopping, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, skating form drills for all of us Minnows.  Overall a good workout.

Saturday was the 3rd Minnow class. They split us up into Level 1 and Level 2 towards the end of class.  I am in Level 1.  I have some things to work on.  Thank goodness that all our teachers are extremely patient.

After that I spent a bunch of time on my feet, shopping, for Christmas gifts and a dress for the upcoming Derby Awards Ball.  Totally found THE dress as well as wrapped up (pun!) my seasonal shopping.

As of Saturday night my foot was killing me so I determined I needed to stay off it & wear my boot.  I am hoping that by Thursday I will be able to skate so I’ll have some in before next Saturday.

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