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I’m quitting Diet Coke but I had a can yesterday & a large one from McD’s today.  Other than that I have ditched it for more than 2 weeks.  Now I’m drinking a lot of things sweetened with Splenda instead.  I would like to eventually get rid of all artificial sweeteners & drink mostly water but, you know, baby steps…


Yesterday I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes & kept my heart rate in the target zone.  Felt good.  Tomorrow I am taking a new class at the gym.  Will share if it’s good.


I got my new heftier pads (thanks Blondie!) & skated with them tonight so I wasn’t using them for the first time at class on Saturday.  The knee pads stick out so far it seems crazy.  But they work & she said they will force me to improve my crossovers which can’t be bad!

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