Pride! Southwest Florida 2011

I helped man the Fort Myers Derby Girl booth at the Pride festival on Sunday.

Had a lot of fun people watching & hanging out with Jax in the Box & Klymaxxx.

When I got there deJenerate, Ana Fire, Serenity Storm & Mother Storm were also there.  (Maybe I can steal a photo from Facebook later of all of us together!)


We met a lot of cool people, exhibit A below:


This group was super fun & hung out with us for a while.  I love the one girl’s blue & purple bangs.  So cute!  Hi, Tyler!

It was a good day & we got a lot of email addresses for people who are interested in coming to games or playing, reffing, NSOing or all of the above.  It’s appalling how many people don’t even know there is roller derby right at their fingertips!  Must. Tell.  The World!

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