Last Home Bout of the Season

P92200581 Hi there Melanie!!!!

Last night was the last home bout of the season.  The girls kicked ass (of course) & won by around 200 points.  Our team rocks!

I dressed up in my new tights.  I’m kind of loving the skort I wore too.  I might add it to my everyday rotation.  The tights weren’t as annoying to wear as I remember them being.  However, I’ve still come to the decision that I will not be a nylons/tights girl when I finally get to play.  Wearing them wasn’t so bad, it was pulling them up after a bathroom visit that was annoying.  I had to take great care to get everything back to how it was – I am SUCH a princess and the  pea (or pee?).

I spent the night carding people & selling beer cups.  A few people were pretty flattered to be carded LOL.  That was fun.

Afterward I split a steak & cheese sandwich & fries with Kissy d’ Fleur, double fisted some diet coke’s & headed home.  Yep, I’m still tired.  I wish the weekend were longer!

Now I’m looking forward to orientation night tomorrow.  Can’t wait to hear about all the new stuff that’s coming down the pipe for new girls!

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