Skating Class & Endurance

I went to skating class on Saturday morning & quite literally as soon as I got on skates the outside of my calves started screaming.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t do any of the crossovers or other drills I was supposed to be working on because I didn’t trust my legs to hold me up & it just hurt too much. I spent most of the time sitting, feeling like a giant loser.  As this calf thing has been a continued problem I decided I have to push harder & get through it.  Plus with tryouts less than 2 months away now I need to get acclimated to being on skates for longer periods.  Like, duh, right?

From now on I’ll be skating every day at least on my road if not at the rink.  I went out yesterday & went about halfway to the canal from my house.  This morning I went twice as far & made it to the canal!  It’s not quite a full mile yet but I will get there shortly.  I wanted to get out again this evening but it rained & I won’t skate on wet pavement.

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