Daily Skate

I hoped for no rain today & WIN – no rain despite a 50/50 chance of it.  So after I got home from work I took off on my skates to tackle the 1 mile length from our house to the next street & back.  I made it to the stop sign, turned around & only got back to the canal before the heat got me.  I was desperately seeking out any shade so I didn’t pass out when my husband, Joe, drove up.  I am so so glad because I was about to seriously lose it.

The summer heat in Florida is my arch-nemesis.  Seriously, I originally quit rollerblading at the beginning of the summer because of how hard it hit me – it makes me ill: red in the face, over heating, nauseous, light headed, seeing lights/spots & even hearing things sometimes.  It brings any exercise to the screeching halt until I can cool off.

So I came in for the day.  Joe was adamant that I start a training plan that doesn’t take me so far from the house so I can come in when I need to.  We’ll see.  Or maybe I’ll start doing mornings.  Or monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Drenched in sweat & signing off!

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