Watching: True Blood Season 3

My husband picked up True Blood Season 3  last Tuesday.  We have been waiting for this for a while with giddy excitement!  He was also cool enough to buy me my very own bottle of Tru Blood while he was in Best Buy getting it.  It is delicious – it’s a very sweet blood orange carbonated drink.  It actually tastes like Sweet-tarts but has the extra fun of looking like blood in the bottle.  It clearly doesn’t take much to amuse me.  Also pictured: Popeyes leftovers, olives, watermelon & pineapple.


We’ve been watching an episode or more a night & I’m dreading the end because when it’s over we’ve got to wait another year for another season.  Boo! (I refuse to have cable – sticking it to the man!  Truthfully, I’m just super cheap.)

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