Did: Went to see FMDG Roller Derby

Last night I attended me second roller derby up at Bamboozles in Ft. Myers.  Those who know me know that after I watched my first bout I was hooked.  I am now planning to try-out in July. EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!  I can’t wait but I’m nervous because I have never been in anything even approaching “in shape”.  I hope I can make the cut & then continue to get more fit.  Clearly, if I do make the cut I will have to!  Those girls are athletes.  They skate up to 10 miles just warming up for a bout.  They practice to 2-3 hours at least 2 or 3 times a week.  They are in amazing physical condition.

Anyway, here are some blurry & dark photos – I stopped taking them after I realized how much my camera sucks so there are only three.  They look like I have applied a Gaussion blur but I haven’t.

FMDG Roller Derby 5/29/11

The line-up

FMDG Roller Derby 5/29/11

The start of a jam

FMDG Roller Derby 5/29/11

In play

2 thoughts on “Did: Went to see FMDG Roller Derby

  1. yep. we were there! it was exciting. I don’t know if i would go every time…but it was fun to do at least once! they need stacked seating to get a better view of the action and i think more people would go>>even though it was a packed house. they need a bigger venue and better seating and would make more money i think. I give it a 7 out of 10 for amusement and entertainment. The grlz kicked bootay for sure

  2. yeah, i’m a total fan after my first bout last month. i’m sure it will develop as more people learn about it. they are tough chicks! thanks for the comment – I’ll look for you on Facebook.

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