Watched: Exit Through the Gift Shop

I just watched the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. I didn’t realize how current it was until I googled “mr. brainwash” and found this article with video interviewing Thierry about the Oscars. Tonight.  I may just have to watch this time.

I also found this article asking if Banksy’s Mr. Brainwash is the Art world’s Borat.  Pretty deep.  Kidding. I guess he could be an actor, whatever. It would be neat to find out this was all directed by Banksy.

While watching the second part of the movie as he was “becoming” Mr. Brainwash, I just kept thinking of Warhol with his factory.  The ideas were his but he rarely carried them out himself.  Which was part of it – asking what is art, who is the artist, etc…  Also the derivative nature of some of his art – Campbell’s soup can, anyone?  So even if Mr. Brainwash is an actor, who is having the ideas (for the art, not the character)?  OMG, it’s like Inception!  With Art! Ahhhhhhh!

Anyway, I highly enjoyed the film.  I’m super impressed by these people that have an idea & get it out there no matter what.  I wish I had such a singular vision.

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