A lot of clients ask me:

“How do I get my site ‘Out There’?”

Well, there are lots of ways!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – making tweaks on & off your site to make it more interesting to search engines
  • Blogging – writing regular articles on your site to establish expertise & give the search engines more to read
  • Social Media – engaging potential & current clients, keeping your name front and center, providing customer service, even being entertaining
  • Email Marketing – building your email list, sending regular newsletters, updates or special offers, keeping in touch

Does this sound super overwhelming?  Usually when I talk to clients about all these options their eyes glaze over. I understand! That’s why I’ve developed the “One Bite at a Time” newsletter – bite-size tips for pumping up your web presence.  These will be small, actionable steps that will build up to a good foundation for your online efforts. I’m hoping you’ll follow along with me – sign up below!