Here are some links I have collected for those of you designing a new website, whether with a designer or on your own. I hope they come in handy!

Getting Started

Get Started on the Right Foot: Planning Your Website

Your About Page – You wanna stand out, don’t ya?

Showcase of Creative and Great Examples of About the Team Pages

21 Inspiring About Pages

How to create a great ‘about’ page

Your Contact Page – Let’s make it great!

21 Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages and Forms

Design Trends – What is new?

I’m not a big subscriber to following trends when building websites but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of what is current. Below are some links that point you to what’s new and what is on the horizon. Browsing through these can help you put your finger on what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to online design.

Web Designs Trends for 2014

Saturated Color – still going strong.

The Web Design Trend of Using Large Photos: 30 Examples

Dark Colors in Web Design

Flat Design

Full Screen Photo Backgrounds

Well Designed Websites – Get Inspired!

Bakery & Cake Shop websites

Email Marketing – Don’t let them forget about you

The 9 Emails Your Business Should Be Sending – gives some great ideas beyond the typical “monthly newsletter” email.

How I Increased My Subscriber Rate by 10x Overnight – this has a couple tips I think could be useful for the average newsletter sender.

Online Marketing – Get ready for some knowledge!

The Essence of Google AdWords in 876 Words

Your 20-point checklist for creating high-quality content as well as insight into Google’s PageRank and Author Rank.

A Quick Guide to SEO by SillyGrrl

Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization

WordPress – Got Questions?

Answers to the most common questions clients have about their WordPress admin here.

I’ll be adding more as I get them so please check back often!