Fun Summer Pool Floats

*This post may contain affiliate links. In fact, it totally does.*

I searched up some fun pool floats to add to your summer fun time or pool party.  These are so freakin’ cute! I wish I had a pool to populate with these bad boys. They are hilarious!

A floatie for the Jaws or Shark Week enthusiast

Are you a Hipster who loves your mustach? Here’s a float for you!

A float for Millenials – they love their avocado – this one has a removable beach ball, er… pit!

Instagram Influencers – here is your pool float!

his giant unicorn raft is begging to grace your Instagram feed!

Psychedelic donut float – that is all.

Seahorse floats are the unicorn floats of the sea!

Pool toys for the social media brigade.

Burger float – perfect for a b-b-q party!

Floating rainbow cooler – perfect accessory to your pool party!

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