Networking Tips for the Introverted

I myself am incredibly introverted.  Would I generally rather spend time at home, all alone in sweatpants rather than be around people, even my best friends?  Guilty.

(Do these 31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re an Introvert describe you too?)

Being a small business owner means that we need to get our name/face out there in order to help bring in clients.  One way to accomplish this is by attending networking events.

Type of group is important when planning where your networking time should be spent.  Not everyone is a network luncheon kind of gal (or guy).  I did a couple when I first was on my own & found they just weren’t for me.  Then I tried to start my own “women in small business” meetup – it also wasn’t my cup of tea. As of now, I basically have one social media group that I feel pretty comfortable going to once a month. I also keep my ears open for other events I may want to attend.  I think it’s important to meet new people, be truly helpful & spread your net ever wider!

So, when you DO have an event that interests you, here are some tips via Independent Fashion BloggersNetworking for Introverts – 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Sanity to help you feel less awkward.  I will be using some of these next time I go to a networking function.

I especially like their tip about having a goal when you go to networking events.  It almost makes it like a fun game!  Ok, not really, but it does give you something to focus on other than how awkward the whole networking thing can be.

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