Transitioning to Social Media

I was reading a Cracked article this morning about Unintentional Hilarious 80’s Music Videos. Feel free to read the article, it’s pretty funny – I’ll wait here.

OK, so, Number 3 on the list was Billy Squier, Rock Me Tonite from 1984.  As you know, the 80’s was when MTV came along & musicians scrambled to make music videos, which was TOTALLY NEW to them.  The writer makes some jokes about Billy not quite transitioning well:

“We can spend a lot of time talking about ’80s icons acting like flailing monkeys in their first attempts to connect with the MTV generation, but there’s only one guy whose whole career was gutted by one bad video. Before “Rock Me Tonite,” Billy Squier was an arena rocker with a huge following. After “Rock Me Tonite,” Billy Squier was the first guy to dance his way into obscurity. Read more here.

You can view the video below this post, so you can see the “flailing” he’s referring to.

As I was watching, it popped in my head how it’s much like that today for businesses. We are good at doing what we do & then along came internet – we needed a web presence so we built a website, then after that came social media & now we need a presence or presences on that.

It just made me realize that there will always be a new “channel” we need to be on.  We need to adapt & adapt well.  Also, it may feel awkward at first, but eventually we’ll get the hang of it & it will be second nature.  So, now when musicians put out a new album or song they produce videos to go along with it.  And when we do something interesting we blog about it and then promote that post on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

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Also, here’s that video, since you were so patient & read my post.  Your welcome?

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