Going Down?

inspiration1I signed up for Weight Watchers (again) today.  I have struggled with my weight since high school and I come from a family of people who struggle with their weight constantly.  I’ve been up & down 15, 20, 25 pounds at a time.  And every time I gain it back & then some.

Last time I lost a great deal of weight was on Weight Watchers – pictured on the right is me at my lowest weight – about 40 pounds ago.  I was going strong with it until my brother killed himself – 4 years ago in May 2008.  It just made me lose it – the week I spent visiting my family at the time led to loss of control over what I was eating plus I just didn’t care enough to count points when I got back home.  And I haven’t cared enough since.  I’m not sure why but eating is the last thing to fall into line – even when I have everything else under control & my ducks are all in a row.  It’s like that last little baby duck, straying off to the side constantly.

Anyway, it’s time.  Weight Watchers worked before & it can work again.  I need to use their plan to start eating for fuel, instead for comfort or out of boredom.

I will be healthy.

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