Disappointment in Derby

haircut1First let me say that, derby is constantly doing a number on my ego.  There is rarely a month that goes by when I don’t question myself – do I really want to do this? But I always answer, yes, what else would I be doing?  Nothing is as exciting as derby or as motivating to get me to exercise or as ego boosting when I do get something right.  I haven’t found anything quite so challenging before or anything I love enough to work so hard for.  Bottom line, my life without derby would be lacking something big. Even though I seem to be going no where with it, I can’t give it up.  Another thing I always remind myself: I’ve come so far.  Yes there is still so far to go, but I’ve put too much time & energy into this to let it go.

This was the week for the Level 2’s to be approved to skate Wednesday night with the big girls.  Long story short I didn’t get approved & I actually ended up deciding I’m not ready anyway.  So that is that – until next round.  I will be working on my endurance so that I can stay in drills & be strong doing them so I will be ready for the next step when it is time. Getting stronger & increasing my endurance is imperative.

I have accepted that this goes much slower for me.  Where most people go through the steps as they are meant to be done, I clear one hurdle each round of Minnows it seems.  This round I will be happy to stay in Level 2 the whole time, while I improve my endurance.  I hope by the end of it I feel ready to take on skating on Wednesdays.  When it is time I intend to be ready.

*Photo is of my with my new haircut.  I was ready for a change.



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