Fort Myers Derby Girl Featured Skater: Peaches n Carnage, #00

Introducing Peaches ‘N Carnage, 00:

Peaches ‘N Carnage, a.k.a. Lea Elmer (like Elmer Fudd and the glue company), joined the Fort Myers  erby Girls in August of 2011. She loved to roller skate and derby looked fun, and although she thought she was not naturally competitive or athletic, she quickly proved herself wrong; being awarded FMDG’s Rookie of the Year for the 2011 season.

When Peaches isn’t earning lead jammer on the track, she is the General Manager of the Courtyard Café  in Bell Tower Shops, where she has been working for a little over a year, utilizing her Barista background of 7 years. She also makes some extra dough by selling her hand-made quilts and other crafts.

Knock on wood, Peaches hasn’t had any severe injuries, but she did almost get knocked out of one of the open hangar doors at the away bout in Lakeland against the Lakeland Derby Dames.

Peaches’ favorite derby related moment would be on her way to her first away bout, the Edison Home Wreckers vs. Tampa’s Switchblade Sisters, when Jax in the Box and Ana Fire introduced her to Yoders;  their peanut butter pie changed her life and helped calm her nerves for the big bout.

Teammates of Peaches love to have her around because; “she’s bubbly and very easy going”, “she’s agile on her feet”, “she’s super crafty and an excellent crafty beaver”, “she always has a positive attitude”, “she’s tiny and cute”, and “she even squeaks a little when you hit her”.

As for future skaters, refs, and NSO’s, Peaches advice is; don’t be intimidated, we only look mean!

So whether she’s whipping up a peppermint mocha frappuccino or scoring grand slam points as lead jammer, be sure to try and keep your eye on Peaches ‘N Carnage, #00. Oh yeah, and she LOVES Star  Wars; May the force be with you, Peaches.

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