New Year, New Blog

It won’t be totally new but I am thinking up some new things to feature this year.

Ideas I’m playing around with:

Daily outfit posts – I’m trying to work a pulled together yet  sporty look  – athletic, easy to move in but still cute, maybe a little out there.  If I’m successful I will start posting outfits pics – every day outfits as well as workout wear.

Daily fitness/nutrition – I’d love to post daily about what I have done that is good for my body, whether that’s skating, a workout or trying a new recipe.  This year is all about treating my body right & cleaning up my eating.  It’s not really a New Year’s Resolution but a decision I’ve made.

Rollergirl of the week or month – Maybe I could highlight team members from Fort Myers Derby Girls if anyone would be up for it.  I’ll see who I can get to do it first!

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