Week on Skates

Game day today!  Final home bout of the season.  One. More. Win. and they’ll have an undefeated home season.  I know the girls can do it!

I’m trying to rest my body as much as I can when I’m not skating, even though I know I need to be doing more & it’s frustrating.  My tendinitis is acting up in my right foot. The left foot is having some new pain altogether that I’ve never had before. My right shoulder is also flaring up – it’s bursitis I have that gets irritated every once in a while – I’ve had to have cortisone shot into it before but prescription strength ibuprofen seemed to help it last time.

If my tendinitis doesn’t go away my choices are: A. get a cortisone shot, which doesn’t help it heal, it just allays the pain, or B. end up in a boot & on my ass for a month. This can NOT happen.

I’m finally getting used to my new skates! I opted to leave the trucks loose since I know eventually I’ll need them this loose for mobility. It is an adjustment though for sure since I’m used to pretty tight trucks.

I feel like something has clicked with my skating.  I feel much more confident on skates all of a sudden.  It’s nice.

I discovered http://www.rollerderbyruleoftheday.com/ and am loving it!

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