Catch Up

Ugh, I’ve been a lazy blogger.  Here’s the sum up:

Wednesday: Tawna Brix told me my skating is improving – yay!  Totally made my night.

Did the derby girl workout at practice – stretches across the floor, run to the wall, back to the start, 4 laps around the rink (I ran 1 & 1/2 & walked the rest), 3 burpees (like squat thrusts), 6 push-ups, 9 sit-ups, 12 air squats, repeat from the burpees.  I made it through almost three – stopped just short of the squats when time was up.  Wasn’t even close to what the other girls did but that’s OK, I’ll get further next time.

Thursday: Hit the wall and had to cancel plans to go skating.  1 late night out per week appears to be my limit right now.

Friday night: went straight home – ahhhhh.  Watched some Sons of Anarchy & The Perfect Host.

Saturday morning: skate class, learned to turn around in both directions – I’m an ambi-turner!  My friend Chrissy’s first class – yay Chrissy!  Lunch out & then home & literally didn’t move from the couch the rest of the day.  Exhausted for some reason.  Then hiked it up to Immokalee for Popeye’s chicken!

Sunday: 9-11am practice.  The workout: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off: 8 sets each of mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, calf raises, left lifts.  Ughghghgh.  I was soooo sweaty after but also energized.  Then I came home & went geo-caching with hubby in the crazy freaking heat.  Now I have a terrible headache, so again: no moving from the couch.  I’m getting a little sick of this weekend LOL.  Maybe tomorrow I will be productive, sigh…

Here is hubby at the start of the hike.  It really is beautiful here.


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